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The story

The Nutricia marketing team was a small group of marketers of varied experience and varying levels of functional marketing training & development.

An opportunity was identified to improve the functional knowledge and expertise of the team, particularly when it came to identifying and applying consumer insights from data sources to apply to their thinking and unlock growth opportunities.

Tripod was asked to build a bespoke 1-day consumer insights behaviour training program for the team.

The results

By the end of the day, the 20 participants were able to distinguish the difference between a fact and a true insight.

They were provided a framework to identify the key issue, distil the relevant information / fact base to drill down and understand the issue from a consumer perspective, then identify the implication and choose a path of implementation to feed a strategic response. The learning environment created a safe space for learners in an area that is often seen as complex.

Tripod dispelled myths, simplified the overly complex by breaking each part of insight generation down into a series of steps and got teams to collaborate to demonstrate the power of diverse thinking around a central issue. Relevant case studies were also developed to provide real life examples to analyse and learn from.

Relevant case studies

Treasury Wine Estates

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