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The story

All mineral water is created equal… right? Not exactly.

At the luxury end of the market, most brands compete for space within one of three overcrowded areas:

  1. Product-focussed purity play

  2. Essence of an Italian summer

  3. High-end European fashion and imagery

Mount Warning Mineral Water found itself in no man’s land. Lacking any clear delineation from the crowd of generic ‘purity’ brands and without the heritage of the Italian brands or the style of the European brands they needed a new way to stand out.

Tripod partnered with Mount Warning to create a unique and differentiated brand position in the bottled mineral water market. Taking a deep dive into the competitive set of mineral waters from mountainous regions, we spotted the opportunity to reposition Mount Warning as the only one of its kind: An accessible yet premium mineral water born from the authentic beach mecca of Byron Bay.

To bring the new brand positioning to life, Tripod partnered with creative agency Squad Ink to design a custom glass and PET bottle form and packaging that embodied the pristine natural feeling of Byron Bay.

The result

Mount Warning Mineral Water not only became the leading mineral water sourced from the Byron region but expanded to become a multi-beverage company.

The strategic and creative collaboration between Tripod and branding agency Squad Ink resulted in the brand strongly owning its unique position as a 100+ year old brand from the Byron Shire and enabled the Mount Warning brand to expand beyond mineral water to become a multi-beverage company. The powerful brand identity has cut through with Mount Warning distributed not only locally but nationally and driving the powerful message of "Naturally Byron Bay".

Tripod led the strategy and worked seamlessly with the brand owner and ourselves to identify a differentiated and motivating brand proposition for Mount Warning in a very competitive category. It has added significant value.

Terry Squadrito, Co-Founder Squad Ink

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